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After graduation with a world of opportunities ahead of me, the hardest thing I may have to do is choose where to go.

With my well-rounded education in French (language, literature and culture), American Studies, Public Relations, and Event Planning and a drive to work, help people, and be successful, life could take me anywhere.

This is my online portfolio which features samples of finished assignments incorporated with my own personal flair.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Portfolio Links - Brief Descriptions

My online portfolio has been updated.

Under the portfolio links, the following has been posted:
  • (French) Présentation de Zinedine Zidane
This is a PowerPoint slide show, in French, that I have created to use with an oral presentation on Zinedine Zidane.
  • Christopher Rithin Feature Story
This is a feature article that I have written about English actor Christopher Rithin after an interview.
  • Event Blog
This blog was created for an event called "Send the Gnome Home."  It was an Event Planning class project. The event is not real, but the blog is live and working.
  • Event Program
A program I created for attendees of the Benefit Show for Riverblindness.
  • Logo for an Event
I created this logo from a public domain image using photo editing software .
  • My Current Resume
My most current resume. Updated frequently.
  • Sample Backgrounder
A sample company backgrounder I have written.
  • Sample Event Itinerary
A sample event itinerary I have written/compiled.
  • Sample Press Release
A sample press release I have written.
  • Sample Public Service Announcement
A sample public service announcement I have co-written and spoken in. Written form only.
  • Sample Financial Article Analysis
A sample of analysis of a financial article in the news.

All of these links are examples of work that I have done for classes, events, or personal use. All of the work is my own and is shared for the single purpose of demonstration. None of my original work can be copied unless I have given permission. To gain permission, please contact me: sfavocci@gmail.com.

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